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  • Jacinda Interview

    Jacinda Interview (2:0)

    Jacinda Jaensch from Point Specifics Acupuncture joins us to talk all about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  She runs ...

  • Teja Interview

    Teja Interview (22:31)

    Born in Dornach, Switzerland in 1979, Teja A. Jaensch immigrated to Australia as a young boy. Growing up on the outskirts of Sy...

  • Foundations Taiji Form

    Foundations Taiji Form (2:55)

    This is the foundation form of the Hunyuan Taijiquan System as taught by the Hunyuan Research Institute. Performed by Teja A. J...

  • 24 Form

    24 Form (2:55)

    Teja performing the Hunyuan Taijiquan 24 Form at the Amphitheatre on Spetses Island, Greece.